Hello. I’m David Matteson, Founder and CEO of Early Edge Solutions.

I am in the clarity business.  I help innovators, entrepreneurs, and visionary organizations get very clear about and how to make choices along the evolutionary path of growing their business. I help them recognize the “early edge” of an idea or plan and help them expand that edge in a right direction.  If that edge gets off-track, I assist them in identifying effective course-corrections. There is no right answer, or right way to move their idea from mind to market. The choices are theirs. I bring clarity, precision, and method to how they manage business growth and change as their business grows.

I am passionate about helping healthy ideas move from mind to market. I believe that we are all here to express a unique gift into the world. I contend that if your gift, your idea, is going to thrive and bear fruit, it must be nourished and grow in ways that are successful in the market place. Being successful in the market place requires building a successful business.

Over the past 15 years, I have focused my efforts to helping entrepreneurs, innovators, and visionary organizations express passionate ideas that have the potential to improve the health and well being of many people.  I’ve started several successful organizations and businesses, held numerous executive positions, am co-founder of my own health product company, and have a thriving consulting business working with good people, on good projects that have the potential to have a healthy impact in the world. Please visit our Clients section to read about the variety of projects in which Early Edge has been proud to participate.

Where appropriate I call upon a virtual team of experts with whom I have a deep history and whose intellects I greatly admire. One of our strengths is in brokering and managing multi-disciplinary teams to address unique opportunities and solve complex problems. This approach allows us to design comprehensive strategies that consider and address the dynampic interplay of critical business functions, including finance, business development, fund raising, marketing, executive team design, leadertship, decision making, legal, phases of business growth, change management, public affairs, institutional relations, and corporate communications. 

if you would like more information about me, my background, my passion, and my personal commitments, please enjoy the following documents:

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David Matteson | Seattle, Washington | Telephone 425.670.2254