It is my intention to inspire anyone who has a healthy idea to move it forward, and to improve the odds that their idea will survive the volatile journey from mind to market. It is my desire to help them make effective choices that yield healthy impact and profitable results. I believe the world, particularly in business,
needs deeper clarity and will to choose ideas that promote and affirm life. Now, more than ever, we need ideas and the ability to express them in a way that address the increasing complexity, interconnectedness and interdependency to the modern world.

The grass is greener where you water it, goes an old saying.  Thoughtfully choosing what to water in our lives and our businesses is of paramount importance.  I have a vision that choosing right and timely action aligned with my own life purpose can help build a healthy world. In the process of bringing a healthy idea into the market place, it is our attention that nourishes and grows our idea.  Making conscious choices transforms what is possible into what is real.  Success requires us to choose where to place our concentration. 

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There recently have been a number of books and movies about how just thinking something can make it happen. Even quantum physicists are talking about this phenomenon. Can thinking about something materialize it in the real world?


Understanding the relationship between thoughts and actions improves an entrepreneur’s success at transforming a healthy idea into a business with impact and profits. The quality of a healthy idea is strongly dependent on how the entrepreneur holds and nourishes the idea from within.... read more>>

“With a deeply clear inner voice, David inspires positive movement, organizes collaborative effort, leads visionary thinking, and tailors solutions to people and their circumstances."

John Brennan
Former NE Regional President
Nextel Communications